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Finding Your Blogging Voice

Even though it’s the written word, you need to think about how you want your blog to sound. We’ve got tips on finding your blogging voice.

You’ve decided that you’ve got something to say and you want the world to know. You’re going to start a blog. Good for you! You know what you’re going to write about, but do you know how you’re going to say it? That’s called finding your blogging voice, and we’re here to help you find it.

You’re Unique and So Is Your Voice

You’re special – there’s no one in the world quite like you. Remembering this comes in handy when looking to establish your blogging voice. You want to stand out from the multitude of blogs out there. An amazing way to do this is to not only provide quality, useful content, but do it in a unique voice. By doing this, you’ll be able to attract readers that are on the same wavelength as you. You’ll be more engaging, because let’s face it, it’s much more fun to write like this. Plus, you’ll build trust in your audience – by giving your blog a unique voice, you become a spokesperson for your cause, concern or passion.

Write How You Talk

We don’t speak perfect English. We use contractions and slang. Sentence fragments? Hells, yeah they’re okay. If you’re speaking to a conservative audience, then there’s nothing wrong with speaking conservatively. But most of the time, you’re talking to everyday Joes. And you want them to believe that you’re talking to them. So write like you talk. Got a potty mouth? Throw in a couple of swears (damn it!). If it’s how you speak and not just for show, then we say do it!

Stop Procrastinating

You’ve got an idea, but it’s just not there yet. You’ll start your blog when it becomes clear. Gah! Enough already – if we all waited until something was perfect before we started anything, nothing would get done. It’s time to get off your ass, and then get back on it while you sit down to write something. Once you start writing, you’ll start to feel the flow. And with that flow, you’ll start to discover your voice. Remember grasshopper – a wise woman (that’s me!) wrote: “All great journeys start with a single step.” Consider this your first step to an awesome blogging adventure.

You Don’t Have To Get It Right From The Start

Hey, we’re all learning as we go along. We pick up things along the way. Same thing goes for your blog. Don’t be afraid to tweak your blog’s voice along the way. As time goes on, you’ll notice that you become a lot more relaxed when writing. Your personality will shine through and people will start to take notice. Don’t be afraid to get more passionate, to take a strong stance, to stick it to the man. Life is all about change – a great blog that people keep coming back to evolves with you and your voice.

What does your blogging voice sound like? We’d love to hear it – share your thoughts on finding your blogging voice in the comments section below.

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