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Ferguson Barristers LLP

Website and Print

Ferguson Barristers LLP Website - Portfolio Banner

The Project Vision

The vision of Ferguson Barristers LLP website redesign was to create a corporate, professional and intuitive site. We wanted it to be an easy to use resource for locating Personal Injury Lawyers. We’ve also helped them with loads of other communication materials: print collateral, email newsletter templates, and Twitter UI.

The Strategic Stuff

  • Adopted a corporate look & feel with a lifestyle elements, to correspond with their mission statement – fulfilling the needs of people in every walk of life.
  • Included was the design for the Referring Lawyers Page, equipped with a Google Maps locator tool.
  • Letterhead was designed to work with MS Word templates for ease-of-use with Ferguson Barristers office printers.
  • Intuitive flow of content with an easy to use navigation.
  • Creative web design is fine-tuned for dynamic content with WordPress CMS.

And, there’s more!

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