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Expand Your Reach With Linkedin

A social media hub that’s often underused, you can expand your reach with LinkedIn. It’s much more than an employment resource – it’s a way to take your business to the next level.

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Even if you don’t need a job (right now), LinkedIn is a social media tool than can help you expand your reach. Think of it as an online networking event where you can meet others in your field and tap into new veins of rich customer deposits.

We’ve come up with a few ideas on how to make LinkedIn work for you. Read on to find out how to expand your reach with LinkedIn:

Start or Join a Discussion

So you’ve posted your LinkedIn resume and you haven’t been back since. Big mistake, especially if you’re looking to build your brand or business. There are people out there right now looking for your expertise. Why aren’t you helping them? LinkedIn hosts groups in a variety of areas. Find out what groups are linked to your specific area of expertise and join them. Make sure to add LinkedIn group discussion as part of your social media strategy in order to fit it into your daily or weekly schedule. Start a new discussion, take part in ongoing ones and answer questions. By doing this, you’re marking your territory (in a non-peeing kind of way). You’re establishing yourself as someone in the know. An expert, if you will. You’ve got the finger on the pulse of the industry and you’re letting everyone who’s anyone know it. People will notice that you are active in the community and start coming to you directly with questions. It’s an awesome way to set yourself up as an expert – don’t be surprised if you get recruited to speak about your expertise at conferences or asked to be a guest blogger.

Connect With Like-Minded Individuals

LinkedIn really is a hangout for professionals. You can hook up with others in your industry across the globe that you may never have met otherwise. Do a LinkedIn search using industry keywords and look through the LinkedIn profiles that come up. Find people you want to connect with and send them an invite to connect. And when you’re sending an invitation, be sure to personalize it. These people don’t know you, so introduce yourself and let them know why you are contacting them. Be sure to connect with the leaders of your particular industry and engage them in conversation. You want to be a LinkedIn mover and shaker who knows all the biggest players.

Update Your Profile

You’re always learning new things, so be sure to let everyone on LinkedIn know about it. Adding keywords to your skills helps people find you. And while you’re at it, there’s a place to update your followers – use it! Link to a new blog post, ask a question or tell people about an interesting article they should read. Again, it’s just another tool to solidify your standing as an expert.

What have you used LinkedIn for? Do you belong to any groups? Do you find them useful? Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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