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Design Process

This is how we take your vision and make it real.

We want to build a trusting, long term relationship with you. We want to become a partner in your business. When you grow, we grow. It’s a win-win situation.

Discovery Meetings (Developing Your Project Blueprint)

We offer strategic consultation services (discovery meetings!) to evaluate and consider all aspects of your project to develop a Project Blueprint. We’ll discuss concepts, problems and identify solutions to get your message out to your market. These initial steps can take some time, and require answers to lots of questions, but the really fun part is these questions will make you think about the project in ways you never thought of before, and ones that will inspire you!
We do this by developing a Project Blueprint where we analyze goals to make recommendations, project scope and specifications. The Project Blueprint will include the cost with a detailed project scope, and mood board.

The heart of the Project Blueprint contains things like:

  • Content
  • Marketing strategies
  • Information architecture
  • Design & development
  • Project roadmap
  • Future considerations & recommendations
  • Summary

Analysis and Recommendation

This is where we put our heads together and collaborate! We’ll analyze your competitors, market trends, products and services, target market and audience, then make recommendations and specifications in a Project Blueprint report. Sometimes this means we’ll have great ideas for future items, and we’ll add that on a ‘Future Project Blueprint’ list. We address primary goals, define challenges and present solutions.

Design and Development

We partner with you because we are committed to offering you the best of your project goals. We’ll do this through communication design, through a variety of deliverables. This is where the design and development of the Project Blueprint comes into action!


The debrief is an important process we’ve implemented at the end of every project. We analyze all aspects of your project from start to finish, providing feedback for what worked and what didn’t.

The debrief allows us to offer recommendations for future projects to you and your team that will strengthen your product and/or service. The recommendations may include how we can reduce cost(s), identify key suppliers to use, improvements or enhancements of communication process, considerations for design, or new ideas that could be used for an upcoming project. The debrief also highlights the importance of your projects objectives, goals, audience, tone and styles.

The debrief is unique to everyone, and it’s an essential part of any communication design process because it becomes our a guide on how we can improve collectively to offer a consistent and always improving service.

Our design process is customized for you – we’re open to discussing every stage with you to determine what works best.

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