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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using WordPress

What's all the fuss about WordPress? Let us fill you in… it's kind of a big deal.

6 Reasons why you should be using wordpress
Let’s say you’re a small business owner. You have limited resources to spend on building and maintaining your website. But you also realize how vital a functional website is to your future. What can you do? WordPress is ideal for people in your shoes. It lets you build and maintain a functional website all on your own!

Here are six important reasons why you should be using WordPress for your small business website:

1. Easy to setup, manage, and update. Don’t know HTML code? You’re not an Internet aficionado? No problem – WordPress has you covered! To get started on this Content Management System (CMS), all you need is an Internet connection and web browser. If this is your first time, WordPress promises to be gentle. Because it’s the perfect starting point for noobs, WordPress has become the darling of small businesses around the world.

2. Ideal for your blog and website. Talk about a multi-tasker. Since its humble beginnings as a blogging platform, WordPress has become a full-featured web content management system. This means that you only need to install WordPress in order to manage your whole website, your blog included.

3. Oodles of professionally designed themes: Take your pick – there are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from and many of them are available for free. You don’t have to pay a designer to create the perfect website look for you, because it’s already done… and you can customize it to do what you want. Check out over 2,000 free themes available in the official WordPress Theme Directory, or go for a premium theme at sites such as Theme Forest, StudioPress, and WooThemes.

4. Plugins: Thanks to WordPress plugins, you can add additional functionality on your website without hiring a coder. There’s a plugin out there that’ll get the job done. You’ll find thousands of WordPress plugins available that add functionality to the WordPress’ main system. From simple contact form to full-featured ecommerce system, there’s a plugin for that.

5. Search engine friendly. If you don’t know anything about SEO, WordPress is happy to help you out. Just download an SEO plugin, such as Yoast SEO, and your site will attract search engines like flies to honey!

6. Mobile ready. More and more people are browsing the web on their mobile phones. Is you site designed to fit for smartphones and tablets? Many WordPress themes are designed to be responsive (mobile-friendly), so customers won’t be challenged to use your website on their phones. Plus, the WordPress dashboard is designed to work on smartphones as well as full-sized PCs, which means you can manage your website from anywhere.

Are you ready to transform your small business site into a money-making machine with WordPress? We’d be happy to help. That’s why we’re offering a Learn WordPress workshop that’s designed just for people like you! Sign up today to secure your spot in one of our interactive and hands-on workshops.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Which hosting company do you prefer? I am looking for suggestions that have great customer service and offer affiliate links too.

    I was hoping to make it to your WordPress for beginners workshop in Victoria, however I have plans on Saturday (starting yoga teacher training — yahoo!).

    Have you considered hosting a virtual workshop?



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