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6 Reasons to be an Affiliate Marketer

We've got a way for you to earn money blogging with affiliate marketing and reasons why to start.

Are you looking to generate passive income to work on a passion project? Are you a creative thinker with a bunch of ideas but not sure how to fund em? There’s a way to earn passive income by tapping into an affiliate marketing network. With a little work upfront you can earn money to fund projects you’ve been dreaming of doing for years, and at the same time offer education to others about products you know and love creating content like how-to blog articles, product reviews, video reviews, then share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. That’s the logistical part but here’s are some amazing reasons to get started today.

6 reasons affiliate marketing will work to generate passive income for you:

    1. Websites generate traffic for you and for the merchant. As a website owner you can begin to generate traffic to your website with topics and keywords on the product or service you’re reviewing (some example merchants we know: Freshbooks, MyYogaWorks, ShareASale, CreativeLive) while educating, help a brand strengthen their reach, while helping a prospect consumer make a decision to purchase a product and/or service that really serves them. Once you generate traffic to your website, educate the visitor, to help them determine whether the product is for them and they visit the merchant site so they can purchase it! Plus you have the opportunity to educate the visitor on your services and other offerings too. Can you say win-win?

  1. You are rewarded for leads and sales for your partnership and collaboration. Write a solid, genuine, and helpful blog article about your amazing experience as a Small Business Owner using Freshbooks or learner in the CreativeLive online class environment. What was it like when you took that class on photography, video, music, audio, art, design, money and life? Was it fun, easy, hard, did you feel like you got full value out of the product or service? Was it worth every penny spent? Tell that kinda story and generate leads to the product and service with your affiliate link from ShareASale.
  2. One blog post can earn you commission for years. That’s right! A review on a product or service can earn you profit for years, which is why it ends up being passive income. The blog is working for you 24/7 on demand through organic searches. Sure, the article can take a few hours to write, or the video review can be a few hours of script writing, some lighting knowledge for ideal camera setup, but it’s an opportunity to generate income that will stream income years after. Just sit back and wait for the seeds to grow and let the income role in to keep working on the things you love to do.
  3. Run your own editorial calendar. Do you have dreams of running an editorial calendar? Maybe you always wanted to be a journalist, but didn’t love the hectic, on-demand schedule? We’re here to tell you that dreams are coming real today. You can create your own editorial calendar right now and put it on your resume to land other projects! Plus it’s opportunity to be paid for something you love to do.
  4. You don’t need to offer customer service. Everything is taken care of by the merchant. Affiliates write the content, promote it on their web presence: website, Facebook Page, Youtube page, or Twitter account, wherever! Diversity in content is welcomed, so see what you can do on Snapchat. Go wild with creative content generating ideas!
  5. It’s free. There’s no dollar investment on your end. Some beginner-friendly tech knowledge to understand basic HTML and CSS, an understanding of banner advertisements sizes and optimal placement of them, plus a website with a blog to house it all. WordPress is an amazing blogging tool and so very easy to use with tons of online resources to teach you if you want to DIY.

Here’s a little bonus: If you’re like us, Made in Canada, you can set up a PayPal account special for US dollar transactions and take advantage of the exchange rate. You’ll have to get a fancy US Bank account, but you’ll need to know how to transfer US funds to a US Account in a Canadian Bank.

If you’re not an affiliate and are a merchant looking to recruit affiliates for word of mouth advertising, you can work with ShareASale too. We haven’t dabbled in Merchant marketing but it’s good to know it’s easy on the budget because Affiliates who generate traffic and sales are only paid upon actual performance.

Before you go don’t forget to sign up as an affiliate with this link, after all it’s what you came here for right?

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