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5 Ways To Write Terrible Copy

There’s a right way to write copy and a wrong way. We’ve got all the wrong ways to write terrible content for your viewing pleasure.

5 ways to write terrible copy
Oh man, we’ve all come across some poorly written copy that we just couldn’t get through. And admit it – you’re probably guilty of publishing some of that laughably bad content. There’s nothing wrong with coming to terms with that fact, as long as you recognize the crap-tastic content, learn from it and move on.

Not only have we learned a few lessons, but we’ve also seen a fair share of terrible copy. This give us a unique advantage, as we’re able to sniff it out (let’s face it – bad copy reeks!). We’ve cumulated a list of 5 ways to write terrible copy… so you know how to avoid doing it.

1. You’re a self-proclaimed “wordsmith”. You love using long words that nobody understands. These are $10 words that the average person needs to look up in the dictionary. You think they make you sound smart. We hate to break it to you, but they really make you sound like a pompous ass, and unless your audience are pompous asses, you’re going to lose your readers. Use everyday language that won’t have readers guessing as to what you’re trying to say.

2. Using really short content. You’re lazy, you don’t have time to pound out a thoughtful 300 to 500 word post. Short and sweet, that’s your motto. But you know what? You’re missing the point of blog writing if you’re banging out a few sentences. There’s no way you can explain or sell your side of the story in a paragraph or two.

3. The dreaded Advertorial. We’ve all seen these stories – ads dressed up to look like editorial. That one simple trick that will give you a flat belly. Sure, you can use this strategy to get readers to click through to your site. But let’s face it – it’s totally sleazy and in the long run, it’s not going to win you any loyal fans.

4. Content that’s full of sentimental crap. We’re not saying you shouldn’t get personal. But it shouldn’t like a teenage girl’s diary entry. Leave out the sap and gushing copy – leave it for the Justin Biebers and One Directions of the world to create.

5. Content that full of ridiculous claims. Readers are smart and they’ve got long memories. If you promise them the moon, but only deliver a handful of dirt, it’ll cost you – in terms of readers and credibility. Don’t be the used car salesperson of the Internet. Only make promises you can keep.

Have you seen any other examples of terrible content writing? Leave some example in the comments section below.

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