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5 Simple Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a big difference – that’s why we put together 5 simple tips to increase blog traffic.

5 Simple Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

You’ve set up a blog and have been writing consistently. So why aren’t people flocking to it? It can be quite frustrating, especially when you’ve put in the blood, sweat and tears that go along with it. So we’ve got some simple tips to help you increase your blog traffic.

1. Do you spread the blog love?

Visit other blog sites that focus on your industry. Get to know the people in these communities. Be sure to read blog posts and comment on them. Post links to these articles on your social media networks. It’s all about giving – if you give some love, you’ll get it back.

2. Don’t forget SEO.

These days, if you ignore the power of SEO on your blog, you’re missing out on a butt-load of visitors to your site. Use Google Keyword Tool to gather SEO keywords that are related to your field of expertise and edit this list often. Craft these SEO keywords into posts, articles and status updates.

3. Share your blog content.

What good is all that amazing content you’ve been writing if no one knows you’ve done it? Now’s the time to toot your own horn. Post links on all your social media networks. You should include a teaser to the post along with the link, and ask your followers to click on the link and read your post.

4. Are you blogging consistently?

Do we have to keep pushing the editorial calendar again? Really, it’s for your own good. In order for you to attract more visitors to your blog, you need to publish content on a consistent basis. Even if it’s only once a week. That way, you’re ensuring that people don’t forget about you. Add headlines that draw the reader in and ensure a click through.

5. Make sure your content gets shared.

Of course, you should share your blog content across all of your social media networks. But you should also make it easy for other people to share it, too. Add some handy-dandy buttons on every page of your blog that let reads share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other relevant social media sharing sites.

What tactics do you find work when it comes to driving traffic to your blog? We want to hear them! Just post your tips in the comments section below.

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