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10 Social Media Things To Do In 10 Minutes

You don’t need to devote an entire day to social media endevours. We’ve got 10 social media things you can do in 10 minutes.

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You say you don’t have time for social media? Bah! It’s time to make time – 10 minutes, to be exact. “But I’m so overwhelmed – I have so much are my plate,” you say. Yes, we all do… but it’s time to pull up your big boy/girl panties and get cracking on your social media campaign.  But being the super-awesome peeps we are, we’re going to give you 10 social media things to do in 10 minutes.

Just like any big project, you can break social media into little bite-sized chunks that are easier to swallow. When things do look so big and terrifying, we tend to get around to doing them a lot sooner. To relieve that nagging voice (that sounds a lot like us), we’re giving you a cheat sheet of 10 social media things to do in 10 minutes. Do them at the start or the end of you day, when you need a break from the monotony of work or you want to procrastinate starting the next big project. Make it part of your social media routine and you’ll find it becomes a no-brainer part of your day in no time.

10 Social Media Things To Do in 10 Minutes

  1. Write a quick personal update to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages. It can be as simple as “Woo hoo Friday! Have a great weekend!”
  2. Start researching a new blog post.
  3. Find pictures to use for upcoming blog posts.
  4. Make notes on what tweaks and updates you’d like to make on your website/blog.
  5. Schedule new social media updates for the weekend.
  6. Post a funny picture on Facebook and Twitter
  7. Brainstorm ideas and log them into your editorial calendar.
  8. Comment on blog posts written by bloggers in your industry.
  9. Connect with 10 individuals or businesses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.
  10. Comment on the status updates or pictures of people or business pages that you follow.

It can be that easy. Of course, you may not have time to do them all in 10 minutes, but as long as you’re physically going into your social media accounts and updating them, you’re keeping relevant in the important customer engagement tool.

Can you add any more easy tips to our 10 social media things to do in 10 minutes list? We’d like to see them and try them out. Just post them in the comments section below.

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