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You’ve heard the saying: “Content is king.” It’s been true for years, and looking at the changes Google keeps making to its search algorithms, it’s going to rule in the future, too. Engaging, relevant content is …

5 ways to write terrible copy

Oh man, we’ve all come across some poorly written copy that we just couldn’t get through. And admit it – you’re probably guilty of publishing some of that laughably bad content.

Seven Steps to Writing an Awesome Blog Post - Actually blog article banner

After years of blogging, you’re bound to pick up a couple of things that really work for you. But what good is keeping those secrets all to yourself – that’s no fun! That’s why we’re passing …

The Art of Self Editing - blog article image for Actually

Hey, we all make mistakes. They happen when we’re having creative flashes of genius writing a brilliant blog post or article. We think that because what we’ve written is so amazing, there can be …

Why You Should Link To Blog Posts - Blog Article Banner Image

It’s an extra step to take when putting together a blog post or article, but linking to other posts (yours and other bloggers) can really pay off. When you do it right, your blog reaps the rewards.

What Kinds of Articles Can You Write - Blog Article Banner

Your blog is the perfect place for you to get creative. What’s that? You say you’re not creative? Bah – we don’t believe you for a second. You’ve got it in you… you just don’t know it yet.

How To Properly Use Blog Tags and Categories - Blog Article Banner

WordPress is da bomb. This handy-dandy content management system makes it easy to set up your site the way you want it. On top of that, search engines love it. Plus, you get all these …

Comments: How to Move the Conversation in Your Favour - Actually Blog Article Banner Image

Comments can be a wonderful tool to build up your blog, website or social media accounts.


Just because you’re on the web, it doesn’t give you free-range to say and do whatever you want. The same goes with your blog. There’s a blog-etiquette …

Steps to Take Before Publishing a Blog Post - Actually Blog Article Banner Image

Add the title of writer to your resume! Being involved in the social web means you have to edu-macate the rest of the world in your …