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How to find your blogging voice

What’s a blogging voice you may ask? Well essentially I’m talking about finding your personality through writing online for blogs, which is something that I personally…

How Social Media Drives Customers To Your Website

Sometimes, a small business’ website just isn’t enough to bring in a substantial amount of traffic on its own. It needs a boost – a social media boost, that is! Social media was…

SuitePerks - Presentation Screenshot - How to Define Your Prospects and Increase Sales

The Project Vision The vision of The Networking Effect project, formally known as SuitePerks, was to create a communication piece demonstrating to The Networking Effect community how they can better define prospects and increase sales in small business using The Networking Effect. The Strategic Stuff An informative, simple and easy-to-understand communication piece demonstrating the benefits […]

Using Twitter to Build Your Personal Brand - Actually Blog Article Banner Image

Your personal Twitter account is an important tool for creating and building your own personal brand. But how do you create an engaging and dynamic presence on this social …

What is Information Architecture - Actually blog article Image

Are you thinking about designing a website and maybe wondering how to layout the information on your website? First it’s best to start by planning, outlining and defining the information you want to …

5 ways to write terrible copy

Oh man, we’ve all come across some poorly written copy that we just couldn’t get through. And admit it – you’re probably guilty of publishing some of that laughably bad content.

How to make boring content interesting

Sometimes, the most useful content can also be the most boring. Like “put you to sleep” dull. But you need this information… and more importantly, so do your readers. You know you …


You’ve done your research, checked out all of your competitors to see what they are doing. You can totally do a way better job than most of them. You can really make …

4 Essential Tips from Podcasting Experts

You’ve been hearing all the buzz out there about podcasting. You think it’s something your blog could benefit from. But how do you get started? What is it all about?