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How To Make Your Blog Posts Searchable

If you want your blog to be found by search engines, you'd better make sure you've optimized it to its fullest potential!

Being searchable is the name of the game in the world of blogging. It’s an important piece of the puzzle – trying to be friendly to Google and other search engines, while tailoring your content for your audience. It’s not easy to pull off this balancing act… but you can do it.

If you’re new to the world of SEO and searchability, there are a few things you can do to make your posts attractive to Google. Follow these handy tips and watch your rankings go up:

Add a few text links to your posts. Adding external (links to another site other than your own) and internal (links that go to other posts on your blog) links is an easy way to add searchability to your posts. By linking to other sites, you’ve added another relevant dimension to your content, while linking to your own articles you’ve written ensure that readers will stay longer on your site.

Add a photo. A pictures can say a thousand words – including keywords! Not only do photos break up the post and make it easier to read, they also offer a chance to add important keywords into the photo title. Just rename the photo using your keyword phase (and don’t forget to add them to the Alt Text section if you’re using WordPress). Photos also need to be clear and must reflect what you’re talking about in your post.

Targeted keywords. Find one keyword phrase to focus on per post. You don’t want to keyword stuff your content – you want the phrase to appear organically. Keep the keyword focused to what you are talking about in the post; if you can narrow your search to a targeted audience, that particular post will more likely be found by Google when someone is searching for that particular phrase.

WordPress Plugins. Make filling in SEO easier with a handy WordPress plugin. One that we use is SEO by Yoast. By filling in the fields, the plugin will let you know if your post is optimized for your keyword of choice for maximum seachability. There are plenty of great tools out there, so try out a few to see which ones work best for your blog.

Awesome headlines. To get the most searchability out of your headline, it should be 70 characters or fewer. With WordPress, this CMS platform will count your characters when you write a headline. Make your headline succinct and grad your readers’ attention. This is the part of the post that can make or break an article.

What do you do to make sure that search engines find your blog posts? Do you have a searchability template you use to ensure you don’t miss a thing before you publish your content? If you do, we’d like to hear from you – leave your comments below.
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  1. Great insight! The part about photos really rings true. Photos are so often neglected when it comes to SEO, yet people search for images daily using keywords and phrases. Another tidbit to add about the awesome headline: make sure keywords are worked in subtly — the H1 is important for rankings.


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