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5 Ways to Create an Awesome How-To Article

How do you do the things you do so well? Share the knowledge with an awesome how-to article.

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People are always searching for how to do something. They want to finish a project, learn about a certain topic or just satisfy their curiosity. They want to find out how to do something in a clear, succinct way that’s easy to understand and follow. And if you want people to stop by your blog, you’d better be posting some kick ass how-to articles.

Because your goal is to be seen as an expert in your niche or field, it’s logical that you’d be the perfect person to write a how-to article. Writing that perfect how-to article is important – you want the reader to leave feeling that he learned something. It will ensure that when he’s got another question he needs answered he’s going to come to you first. So let’s go over a few tips to keep in mind when writing an awesome how-to article.

  1.  The topic should be one that you’re passionate or know a lot about. If you don’t give a rat’s ass about what you’re writing about, it’ll show in your how-to article. And if you don’t know what your topic, guess what? The reader will know… and that’s the last you’ll see of him.
  2. Craft a headline that pulls people in. It should tell the reader exactly what you’ll be covering. A few examples include: How To Build A Shed In 10 Steps, How To Cook A Turkey or Five Tips On How To Choose An Insurance Provider.
  3. Your how-to article should start with an overview of the subject and why you’re writing that particular post. Tell the reader who will benefit from this article and who it’s good for. If the subject you’re coving requires planning or preparation, lay out what tools or supplies are needed before getting started. And if the task requires prior knowledge, include links to previous articles you’ve written.
  4. What’s obvious to you may not be to the reader, so assume that he knows nothing about the subject. Spell out terms or ideas so the reader can follow along and complete the task at hand. If you can, use pictures and graphs to help illustrate your point.
  5. Wrap up everything you’ve written about in a summary paragraph at the end of the how-to article. Ask readers to leave comments about their experience with the task/project. That way, you can clear up any questions if the reader had a problem.

What’s your field of expertise and what could you write a how-to article about? Please leave your ideas in the comments section below.

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