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10 Free Texture Resources

Forget your camera. Check out these texture resources before snapping photos.

Once in awhile we search for free visual assets to help push us further in the creative universe, that we’ll use for inspiration maybe to enhance our creative pieces when we just don’t have the time for a photoshoot. So, we’ve put together a list of free textures that we love and gain inspiration from – we hope you will too!

1. Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns Image

This site offers subtle patterns for download, created by Alte Mo, with the goal to offer high quality resources for anyone in need of tileable textures patterns, free to use.  There’s quite a few patterns, but its definitely worth the look. You can even submit your pattern (although it must tile and you have to agree to license the pattern as Creative Commons.)

2. Aqueous Sun Presents Rust v.01

Aqueous Sun Rust Textures - Image

Aqueous Sun brings yet another awesome texture pack to us available exclusively for Media Militia. It includes 28 free high resolution textures of the rust. You might have a ton of other rust images but the ones in this pack are huge! They are all around 4288px x 2848px (300ppi) and look stunningly crisp. Enjoy.

3. Vintage II Texture Pack

Vintage Textures - Image

Twelve vintage textures by Cloaks on deviantART. I must say they’re pretty neat texture resources. Thanks Coaks!

4. Re-Stained Paper Textures

Lost & Taken Stained Paper Image

Lost and Taken has 8 Re-Stained Paper Textures for download. Caleb Kimbrough “runs things around the joint” creating textures for Lost and Taken, and content for design blogs and magazines around the world. He also accepts donations through PayPal for his free texturesFollow Lost & Taken on Twitter.

5. Coloured Grunge Bokeh Textures

Coloured Grungy Bokeh Textures - Image

Lost and Taken has 5 Coloured Bokeh Textures to download. Bokeh is a neat new trend in web design and photography and with L&T’s help, you can forget the camera, and well photoshop for that matter! Oh, Caleb who runs L&T invites you to support his caffeine addiction so he can stay up all night making more textures.

6. Old Leather Textures

Old leather textures - Image

Psdtuts+ has five old leather textures available for download. They’re licensed through the Creative Commons License, so you’re free to use them as you please for personal or commercial purposes.

7. Heavy Coffee Stains Free Texture Pack

Heavy Coffee Stain Textures - Image

Hey coffee lovers, we’ve got a stellar coffee stain texture pack up for grabs (or download) that we found at tutorial9. Callum Chapman is the contributor of these stellar coffee stained textures. Thanks Callum and Tutorial9.

8. Cardboard Light Texture Pack

Cardboard Lite Textures - Images

Looking for cardboard textures? We’ve found a great resources from The Shoreways, Premium Graphic Designers Resources, home of the visual and audio works of J. Gardner that’s free to download.

9. Corkboard Texture Pack

Corkboard Texture Pack - Image

Here’s some corkboard textures from Psdtuts+. The pack includes 10 very high-res corkboard textures in the pack. Why not download?

10. Texture King

Texture King Pack - Image

This site offers free stock textures to download – grunge, dirt, plaster, concrete, rust and more. Have a look for yourself – there’s way too many texture resources for us to list.

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